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Ein Bericht aus dem Jahr 2000 über Amanda Forbes aus dem britischen „Telegraph“.

Der Artikel ist leider noch in Englisch, aber ich werde ihn beizeiten noch übersetzen!

Topless model ’sent to work as farm labourer‘

By Maurice Weaver

 A FORMER topless model applied to a training company to learn IT skills but was sent on a farm labouring course instead, she told an employment tribunal. But the firm said she volunteered for such work because she wanted to be like the television gardening star Charlie Dimmock.

Amanda Forbes, 27, said she was horrified to find herself assigned to shovelling muck on an inner-city farm when she was referred to the Government’s New Deal programme for the long-term unemployed. She claimed £375,000 compensation for „13 weeks of hell and torture“ on the course, during which she said she was subjected to racial and sexual harassment.
„People adored me for 12 years when I was a page three girl,“ she told the tribunal in her home town of Leicester on Wednesday. „I travelled to 43 countries on modelling assignments. Now I’ve been denied the chance to go back to modelling because of my ordeal on the course.“ Her good health, ruined by the strain of heavy farm work, could „never be replaced“.
The tribunal dismissed her case because the evidence was submitted too late. After the hearing Miss Forbes said she would fight on. She said: „I am not the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed person I was. My confidence has been shattered and I’m in pain because of what I was put through.“ She said that after she complained about the farm job she was sent to work for a private railway company. That meant a daily one-and-a-half mile walk to a siding and was equally unpleasant, she said. „I had to restore old carriages and pick up litter from the tracks in pouring rain. It was like being part of a chain gang. The other workers taunted me with racist chants and songs, including Eena, Meena, Mina, Mo. I was treated like dirt.“
David Cope, project manager of Pelcombe Training Ltd, which accepted Miss Forbes on a £15-a-week placement, said that computer training was not available when she was referred to the firm. „I have it on record that she asked to go to the farm because she got this idea of being like Charlie Dimmock on television. She said she fancied the open air and liked animals. It’s true that she did complain a bit after a time but not about anything specific. She was eventually switched to the job on the railway.“